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Located in Northern Indiana, MGE Wholesale is a Nationwide Distributor of Firearms, Ammunition and Shooting Sport Accessories. With more than 20 years of service to our customers, we are very knowledgeable about our Industry and the needs of both our customers and yours.
Our aim is to provide, and continue to provide, dealers with products and services to help grow their business. We continue to increase the brands we stock, allowing us to offer a diverse inventory to all federally licensed dealers. Whether your customers prefer target shooting, hunting, self-defense or just plinking we have the products to fill their needs.
While having specialized in the Firearm Industry, MGE also offers a robust selection of Cutlery. We stock the most popular models from the most popular brands. Each one of our manufacturers offers multiple knife styles such as automatics, fixed, folding, butterfly, and a wide variety of cutlery accessories and tools. Look to MGE Wholesale for all of you Cutlery needs!
We have close relationships with manufacturers and our dealers. Working as a team, we make it a priority to keep you satisfied when it comes to quality and price!

Prices and quantities subject to change without notice

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